How to Create More Storage Options for Your Bathroom

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One of the hardest places to find much needed storage in our home is in our bathrooms. The first step you can take to clear up some storage space is to go through all of your bathroom supplies and accessories and determine what you can put in a storage unit at Security Self Storage in Napa. Then you are set to follow the ideas listed below for more storage options in your bathroom.


Under the Sink

Make the most of your under the sink storage by getting rid of duplicate items and organizing what you have to store. Install shelving, if possible, to utilize the space you have available. Keep your items organized by purchasing bins or storage totes.


Floating Shelves

This storage option can provide you with the storage space you need while keeping your bathroom sleek and sophisticated. Installing floating shelves allows you to utilize empty wall space and store a variety items such as extra toiletries, towels, and décor items.


Behind the Door

A space that is not often utilized is behind your bathroom door. By adding hanging storage you can increase you storage space. This is the best area to store your smaller bathroom accessories and hair styling tools.


Tiered Baskets

Metal tiered baskets are a great statement piece and can add more storage space on top of your counters. This will allow you to put on display various bathroom accessories such as wash cloths and extra toiletries.


Around the Toilet

The space surrounding your toilet is often unused and not thought of when it comes to storage. Around the toilet cupboards or shelving can give you large amounts of storage space. These can easily be purchased at any home goods store and can come in a variety of colors and styles so it can coordinate with your existing décor.


Cupboard Doors

By installing hooks and hanging containers on the inside of your cupboard doors you can create an organized storage solution for a variety of products. Command hooks are a great solution to use and they are easy to pull off when you decide to change up your storage.

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