2019 New Year’s Resolution Update – Being More Organized

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Trying to stay on top on one’s own tasks is hard enough but doing so for your entire family is a Herculean endeavor. Most of the time this falls into mom’s lap, so that she’s trying to memorize times and dates for everyone to ensure that they are where they are supposed to be, when they are supposed to be there. I’ve tried during the last several months to keep chipping away at my year’s goal of becoming more organized. I’ve made it through this far, so that’s good, right?

As anyone who knows me from my second home, Security Self Storage in Napa, I’m so proud of the accomplishment of making it this far in my resolution to be better organized.

Command center

My first step was to create order in the never-ending piles of paperwork that cm out of everywhere by designating an area for my workspace. This has slowly taken shape, with a large binder with important papers, information, bills, etc. It’s not pretty like all of these professional ones on social media, but it really works. I don’t have to look for papers anymore and I have a system.

Open and take care of mail every day

I don’t know about you, but mail is my Achilles Heel. I hate junk mail, can’t throw coupons that I receive in the mail away, and it stacks up. I made a goal last month of not going to bed until I’d tended to the incoming, and rarely, outgoing mail. I’ve slipped a few times but have found that things stay so much better organized without piles of sales circulars, ads, and bills taking up space.

Allocate responsibility, keep everyone informed, and set (and keep) boundaries

This one is still a work-in-progress. Only when I started using Google Calendar to keep track of appointments, deadlines, schedules, etc., did I realize how much I was holding in my brain as well as how much my family expected of me. At our last family meeting, I instituted a new rule for summer – if they don’t put something into the schedule, I may or may not be available for rides or whatever they thought that they need me to do for them to participate in the activity. While most of the time I don’t need to be so tough with them, my teenagers, and I know that yours would never do this, expect that their lack of planning and communicating with their parental units results in a high-priority emergency on my part.

If you have any other tips to share about being more organized over the summer with kids, please swing by and let me know. While you’re here, I can show you around our top-notch facility, Security Self Storage in Napa.

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