Summer Planning Without Going Bonkers – I Hope!

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Be honest – are you secretly grateful for screen time in summer? With several children invading enjoying being at home all summer, there are days that this mom just wants to say, “For the love of everything, please go pick up a device and zone out for a few hours!” Anyway, after seeing a few suggestions on social media, I came up with the perfect summer plan to having some order and still have some fun as a family.

Summer missions- because it is more fun to say than chores

Chores are critical to keeping the house organized and livable. Each evening, I put out daily missions (chores) for each child and one for the family that must be completed before day’s end. Here’s the kick though – devices and TV are not accessible until the child’s individual missions are complete.

Family missions occur at 10 am. Why 10 am? Why not? It is arbitrary and a time that I thought would work for our family. These range from – go through movies and donate old ones, organize a garage sale, or help organize our storage unit in Napa, CA.

Summer bucket list

Since summer with all work and no play can be rough, we all came up with a summer bucket list. This includes things like: go see a popular move (or 5), make homemade ice cream, have a cookout, go camping, attend the Napa 4th of July Parade (, get dinner from food trucks that we’ve never tired, visit the library, pool, etc.

By having this bucket list with wishes that are specific to our family, we hope to have a summer that I balanced with teaching a work ethic and some good family fun.

Now, we must just make it work! If you want updates or have other ideas for our bucket list, feel free to pop into the office at Security Self Storage Units in Napa and let me know!

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