Fake Sunscreen – You May Get Burned

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As our regular readers know, we’re all about saving money whenever possible. However, recently there has been a dangerous recipe for do it yourself, or DIY sunscreen making its way across the internet via social media platforms, mostly on Pinterest and Facebook. In a response to the trend, researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital I Columbus, Ohio and the Brooks College of Health at University of North Florida in Jacksonville have warned against the plethora of false claims by the proponents of DIY sunscreen recipes online.
Popular does not always equal safe

All of us at Security Self Storage – Napa, CA are fans of protecting both our global and personal environments by removing artificial chemicals from our daily routines and using natural ingredients whenever feasible. The findings from these studies have us concerned. Of the over 1000 pins and posts examined, most claimed an SPF factor significantly greater than that which the ingredients of the recipe actually offer, according to the researchers.
Dermatologists recommend a minimum 30 SPF rating for daily use, with many people opting for even higher SPF for their use. Most of these DIY recipes only offer SPF ratings of 4 to 6, and when combined an average SPF of 15. In spite of various claims by those sharing these recipes, none of the recipes were tested with accepted scientific methods.

Even if a few thousand people are saying that the sky is green, that doesn’t make it so.

Safe options
The goal for others to create and share these certainly was certainly not to harm or deceive, rather to give options for those who want to avoid harmful chemicals. One of the easiest ways to protect your skin from sunburns is simply to wear lightweight clothing, hats, etc. Many bathing suits now offer SPF protection built in. Using a long-sleeved swim shirt over your swimsuit can offer you sun protection while you are swimming.
Even though we love natural alternatives to most products, we just can’t get behind this one, being that the danger of skin cancer is very real.
If you have found a great go-to natural home or garden alternative, please drop by Security Self Storage in Napa and let us know.

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