Ferris Bueller, Anyone?

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Through the years of being a leading Napa self storage facility, we’ve been able to meet a lot of people and hear about their, sometimes surprising, plans for their storage unit.

Makeshift garage
By far, this is one of our favorites. One of our clients came in and shared an interesting story about how his parents had met. It seems that his mom (Janey*) was a car hop at a drive-in fast food joint when she was 18. His dad (Mike*), after seeing her, became smitten. No matter how he tried, he couldn’t get her to budge and give him her phone number or a date. In his mind (he was also 18), he needed a sure-fire way to get her to talk to him.

One evening, while Mike was hanging out at the counter of the restaurant, he noticed that Janey came in a new car, a 1971 bright red Chevy Vega. She’d saved up so that she could purchase the car and was driving it for the first time to work. She seemed to be running late and hurried by where Mike was sitting, going to change into her uniform and roller skates. She tossed the keys to her new car on the counter, presumably to a fellow employee. The co-worker didn’t see them and kept walking in the other direction.

In a split second, the idea was born – he’d steal borrow her car for a few hours. He grabbed the keys and went all “Ferris Bueller.”

Janey had called the police and was obviously distraught about her brand-new car being gone. Shortly before her shift was over, the car was returned in fine condition and even a full tank of gas.

She agreed to date him, even though she has never been able to explain why. They married, had five kids and are very happy.

Which brings us back to their son, he found a Vega at an auction and wanted to hide it somewhere as he restored is so he could give it to them for their 45th wedding anniversary. He was able to hide it, restore it fully, and present it to his parents, bringing the story full circle.

Even if your use for one of our storage units in Napa is not as colorful as this one, we’d love to be of service and assist you in any way that we can.

*Names were changed in order to protect privacy.

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