What Do Amazon Prime Day and Security Self Storage in Napa Have in Common?

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One of our regular customers has kept her unit full of various Amazon finds, waiting for holidays, birthdays, and then she zips over and grabs the gift that she’s stored. This year, she really outdid herself. Her Achilles Heel? Those fancy electric pressure cooker thing-a-ma-bobs that are the rave. “Each year,” she explained, “Amazon has crazy good deals on them. This year, I am buying them for my daughter’s high school family and consumer science department so they can use them.”

That really is quite the gift, isn’t it? This customer came in a few weeks ago and went for a slightly larger storage unit, and she moved all her finds to the new one, just a few spaces down from her current one here at Security Self Storage in Napa, CA. I watched with amazement as this took place right before my eyes. She must have made 10 trips in all.

Another of our residents, just moving in, was on the same row as “Pressure Cooker Peggy” and was really confused about it all. He came in to ask me if the apocalypse was near, and we had to smile and shake our heads.

For anyone who’s concerned about privacy, no, that’s not her real name; what parent would name their child, “Pressure Cooker?” (It’s not Peggy either!)

When she was done, “Peggy” came by and asked if I wanted to see her handiwork. Of course, I did, so I put the “Be right back” sign out. It was an amazing sight! She’d purchased 30 of these things and they were all stacked nicely and neatly, alongside so many of her other finds for Christmas.

Each aisle was set up, the boxes were sitting on pallets and bore signs with the occasion and/or the recipients’ names. She laughed and pointed to one section, labeled wedding gifts. She asked me if I recognized the boxes, and I didn’t. She explained that she always gives the bride and groom the same gift – a large (and I’m talking big) case of toilet paper.

Upon further inspection, I saw what she’d written on the boxes with big, bold letters, “If you ever have to make a choice between going out to get more TP or smooch, here’s a little help!” I about fell on the ground laughing. What a great sense of humor she has!

I decided, when I grow up, I want to be just like her!

If you’re especially curious to meet this real-life gift-giving super hero, she’s likely going to be around sometime around Black Friday, Prime Day, etc. Stop by Security Self Storage in Napa. Who knows, you might get a glimpse of greatness!

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