How to Store Your Leather Furniture

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We love to help our customers at Security Self Storage in Napa, CA determine the appropriate ways to store their belongings so that they are in great shape until the time that you take them out of our facility and put them in their forever homes. Some of the most difficult types of furniture to store are couches, loveseats, and chairs.  In fact, these items are the most often the ones that we see have been packed incorrectly and sustain damage in the process.


Leather needs to be cleaned and conditioned to keep it as beautiful as it was from the first day you had it. A simple solution of a mild soap and water wiped on with a soft cloth is enough to keep the furniture clean for everyday in-the-home clean. Don’t rinse and buff dry. If there are small stains that don’t come out with this method, test an inconspicuous part of the furniture with a dab of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab for colorfastness. If that goes well, treat the spot with a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth or cotton ball, rubbing gently.


Before you store your leather furniture long-term in our Napa self storage facility, clean as directed above and the condition it with olive oil. To do so, take a bottle of olive oil and pour a small amount onto a soft cloth. Rub it into the leather, covering the entire surface, buffing as you go. This conditions the leather to remain soft and supple while stored. (You should condition leather furniture regularly at home too with this trick.)

Dismantle, haul, and lift

To save space, if you can take your pieces apart, do so. If not, no big deal. When transporting leather furniture, it is best to do so in a covered truck to avoid weather exposure and the dirt and dust from the road. When placing your leather furniture in storage, it’s best stored off the floor, settled on pallets.

Cover and keep it clear

You should loosely cover your leather furniture with a moving blanket in your storage unit. Avoid sealing it off with plastic wrap since this can trap moisture and create mold and mildew. Resist the temptation to stack anything heavier than a feather on your beautiful furniture. Doing so can create ugly creases that are difficult, if not impossible, to repair/restore.

With the proper preparation, you can store your leather furniture long-term and retrieve it in the same condition in which it was when you left it with us.

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