Best Car Trip Game to Build Your Child’s Vocab

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When I was a kid, we played games as we travelled by car to pass the time. When we were younger, we’d search for the letters in the alphabet in order and “call them out” when we found them. As we got older, the rules become stricter and my siblings and I had an elaborate system of house rules, tiebreakers, and whether you could “call” letters before the sign came into full view. These tender and loving exchanges (yeah, right!) were thoroughly and completely adored by our patient and kind parental units.

Each summer, my family packed up the car and go to visit my grandparents in Long Beach. One year, my grandmother introduced us to ABC lists to challenge us a bit more.  The goal is simple, you generate a list of words all centered around a theme and see who could be the most creative. I loved it, and still do. It’s a great way to build your child’s vocabulary and spark those brain cells moving.

Not long ago, as the school year marched ever closer, I took a short weekend break from work at Security Self Storage Units in Napa and went down to SoCal for a final summer fling.

Going down, we generated a series of lists, à la my grandmother. This is just one that we came up with:

A – aloe vera gel for accidental sunburn

B – beach bag

C – cold drinks

D – dozen donuts

E – extra snacks

F – fan (battery-operated)

G – goggles

H – hat (sun)

I – ice in cooler

J – jet ski

K – kite (if it’s windy)

L – lifejacket

M – magazine

N – nectarines

O – ocean (of course!)

P – picnic blanket (fitted sheets work great with the sides held up with coolers, etc.)

Q – quiet reflection

R – running in the surf

S – sandcastle

T – toes to wiggle in the sand

U – umbrella (or canopy)

V – volleyball

W – watermelon

X – x-tra time to spend with your family

Y – yawns at the end of the day

Z – zone out and relax

What was your family’s best car trip game? Come in and let us know at Security Self Storage in Napa.

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