No Shave November 101

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As many men grow out their facial hair for No Shave November, many women are counting the days until December 1st, so that they won’t be stifled in those unruly tufts of facial hair when snuggling their sweetie. I may or may not have a thing with beards, I hope that it isn’t too obvious! On a different note, despite my distaste for nasty and unkept facial hair, all of us at Security Self Storage in Napa, CA are completely behind the causes that inspire No Shave November.  

Men’s health issues 

For too long, men have quietly gone about their lives, of neglecting their health until something happens. Over the last several years, perhaps as a way to springboard off October’s breast cancer awareness, November has become dedicated to men’s health issues such as depression and anxiety, PTSD, cardiovascular health, Low-T, (low testosterone) and cancers of the male urogenital tract (prostate, testicular, and penile). Some mental health advocates are even adding pornography addiction to the list of men’s health issues that we should be more aware of during this month. 

How to rock No Shave November with the best beard on the block 

The key to having a great beard (and potentially getting your partner to accept this Grizzly Adams choice) is to properly care for it. Just as the hair on your head, your beard hair should be shampooed and conditioned. After your shower, you can use a little bit of coconut oil – less than a teaspoon – with a drop or two of almond oil to massage into your beard. This will moisturize the beard and help keep it from getting itchy and looking great. 

Don’t forget to brush 

A wide-toothed comb should be used to gently remove tangles and give your beard a neat appearance. Some men prefer to straighten their beards, for which there are beard straightening electric appliances. These are generally effective but may be a touch of overkill for a man who only grows his facial hair for one month per year.  

Please get checked 

All of us at Security Self Storage in Napa have been touched by various men’s health issues in our circles of family and friends. We strongly encourage all men to examine their health and get screened today – it might save your life. 

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