A Holiday Gift-Giving Strategy That Focuses on Gratitude

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My dad used to have a saying, “What flows through ya, sticks to ya.” What it lacks in eloquence and grammatical structure, it more than makes up for in its common-sense wisdom. At no other time than at the holidays do I notice this truism more.  

Think about it, we live in a world that we have an entire day dedicated to being grateful for what we have that is being threatened with big-box stores offering huge discounts that can only be had if you leave your family (for which you’ve probably said that you were grateful for as you went around the table proclaiming your gratitude) and rushed out to by this gadget or that thingamabob.  

That is an ironic factoid, isn’t it? We’re grateful for the intangibles and we rush to show those around us how much we appreciate them and the things that we must replace them with more stuff and things.   

As you engage in your rituals, try to examine how you can perhaps be better recognizing those around you. For the last several years, we began a tradition to cull our holiday spending and it’s been life changing! Rather than purchasing scads of gifts, which I have to tell you, many of which people either won’t remember in a year or they come here – to Security Self Storage units in Napa, we experimented with a different system that has been good for our home organization as well as our budgets.  

We only buy – take a breath here – 4 gifts for our kids for Christmas. Yes, you read that correctly. We have categories from which the gifts must be – something to wear, read, want, and an experience gift, like tickets to a play, a promise to go somewhere, etc. By limiting ourselves to this, we have become much more deliberate in our gift giving and have been able to focus more on the relationships that we share with each other and remain more grateful.  

Once we decided to focus on what we have and adopted this system (that I did not create, rather I saw it on social media), we’ve seen our family become happier at the holidays. We can spend more time together, to really let the gratitude dominate our holiday season, rather than the selfish materialism that seems to be everywhere at that time of the year. 

Of course, we’re always here to store any of your stuff and things should the need arise at your neighborhood Napa storage facility – Security Self Storage. 

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