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Do you remember the scene form the movie, “The Princess Bride,” during which the bad guys are comparing their to-do lists and conclude that they are both swamped as they stand outside of the Pit of Despair? (Of course, you do!) Do the holidays ever feel like that to you? OK, there probably isn’t the task on your plate that involves murdering your fiancée, but the devil seems to lurk in the details and get all muddled up with the good that we do at this time of the year.  

I’ve started my own little movement here at Security Self Storage in Napa, CA that I would like to share with you too. Be warned, it can be a tad challenging, but I am convinced that it is worth it. 

Step back and look at your motivations 

I took a stand several years back when I realized that I was running myself ragged with the endless to-do lists and spending my life checking items off boxes. Most of the time, the urgent need to do so was internally motivated for me to show everyone how together my life was, how perfect my home was, and how amazing that my children were. Truth time – my life was not always together, my home was NEVER perfect, and my children are amazing, but not more so than other children. And it’s all OK. 

Read that again. My life is amazingly normal. Hard to hear? Maybe, but it’s true. I’ll bet that some of you are feeling a sense of relief and others are downright uncomfortable.  

Put down the phone and look with your eyes 

As the holidays crept closer, I decided that there was something missing in them – me! I did all the cooking, decorating, shopping, wrapping, and when the big time came, I was worn out completely. Completely true. Not only was I worn out, I was documenting the living-daylights out of the holiday so that I would have validation for all the work – not from my family, but for my social media contacts, some of whom I only know digitally. Skewed, isn’t it? 

I spent the bulk of my time and energy trying to show people I really have never “met” what a great family life I had. 

Does this also sound familiar to you? I think that I am not alone in this at all. When I quietly sat and allowed myself to be in the moment, rather than capturing the moment, it was hard at first, but liberating! I still took a few pictures, but they were planned so that I would be able to experience the moments myself. 

If you decide to join me on this mission, please come into see me at Security Self Storage in Napa and let me know how it worked for you. I know that you can do it! 

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