Frugality for the Holiday Win

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Through the years, I have embraced my inner frugality, frequently to the astonishment of my friends and family. I’ve had a series of interesting adventures as I have tried to make the most out of each cent that I earn. Probably comes from being a child of a broken home and watching my mom (who is a saint on earth) find ways to provide for my sisters and me. It’s almost a game now, and I can forever be found thinking of a new way to level up. Last year, I think I may have crossed the line a little too much, but don’t tell anyone my secret, OK? 

You see, against everyone’s advice, my husband and I married in December. I’d always wanted a holiday wedding, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Folks had told me that we would never be able to get away for our anniversary, but did we listen? Nope. We were young and didn’t much care, plus, we’d just finished finals, so it seemed like a good idea. Because we have a bit of a warped sense of humor, we married on Pearl Harbor Day. When we renewed vows several years later, we picked Friday the 13th, also in December. Oh, we also own three black cats in case you were wondering. 

Truth is, everyone was right. Our anniversary is sort of a drop-dead time in that if I don’t have a significant part of my holiday prep done before that, it isn’t going to happen. Oh well. 

Anyway, back to the point here. Last year, my mom and stepdad needed relocating into a senior living facility and that fell in December too. The month was nuts! I ended up packing them and their 35 years of belongings from their house and it was insane. Luckily, I work at Security Self Storage Units in Napa, as I could put many of their belongings in a storage unit. Bottom line was that since it wasn’t our year with my grown children and their families for Christmas Day, I found myself doing all my shopping between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when we were set to see the whole family.  

Many times, I’d fantasized about buying items when they were heavily discounted and having a late holiday celebration, but this time, I did it. I was hooked! The kids were shocked when I gave up our rotation for the holiday and put permanent “dibs” on New Year’s Day. All four sets of in-laws think that I am amazing, giving them the holiday, while I am over here, waiting for the markdowns and laughing up my sleeve.  

Have you ever gone to a crazy length to save money? Please come see me at Security Self Storage in Napa and we can sit down with a cup of tea and discuss our various strategies! 

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