The Debate of the Decade – Battery Memory or Not

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I don’t know about you, but there are some topics that my spouse and I simply cannot agree on. Reminiscent of the big debate, “Less filling!” “Tastes great!” We’re forever stuck at an impasse. It doesn’t really help that there is so much conflicting information available, going back years. What could turn an otherwise peaceful co-existence into one rife with agitation, you ask? How to recharge devices and whether there is a battery memory.  

If you’ve not heard of this issue, let me bring you up to speed. Early rechargeable batteries were prone to charging problems in that if you did not fully charge devices when they were completely empty, the battery would lose its ability to hold a charge at all. Surely, you’ve seen something that approximates this in practice.  

With the improved quality of lithium-ion batteries, such as those found in our rechargeable devices now, this issue was supposed to be addressed. Still there are many who report that their devices charge less efficiently or lose battery longevity after a while.  

Most people with whom I’ve spoken (OK, my co-workers or customers at Security Self Storage Units in Napa, CA), agree with me in that we should not overcharge our devices and should let them run down before recharging. As such, I don’t like for my device to be left on a charger overnight. Truth be told, this could be affected by the fact that I don’t have an outlet with which to charge my phone on my side of the bed and if I need to check it through the night, it isn’t there. Don’t judge me – you know that you do it too! 

As for the other half – they prefer to charge their phones overnight, unplug them, and go on their way. I affectionately call this choice, that of heathens. OK, not really.  

My husband and I decided to put this to the test. When we got new phones, we each tried our various way and compared battery life. Guess what – we couldn’t see any difference between the efficiency of our charging methods. So much for having a “right” answer and bragging rights! 

Do you have strong feelings one way or another on this one? Pop in and let us know at Security Self Storage in Napa and let us know! 

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