Have A Ring Video Doorbell? You Need to See This!

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We’ve all seen the viral videos of the best of people and the worst captured by video doorbells, particularly the Ring device. As it’s grown in popularity, many people are flocking to purchase the device. Finally, there is a tool available to catch or deter porch pirates, who were at an all-time high during the holiday season.  

As it seems to happen with any technological advance, there are reports of compromised security and privacy with the Ring device being hacked by intruders. Not only is this a scary thought, it is counterproductive to everything that people are trying to prevent.  

What is Ring doing about it? 

As a response to these attacks, Ring has added a security tool to the app’s dashboard. This allows users to check their settings to see if their system is at risk. According to the company, the number one risk for being hacked is reusing passwords. We’ve heard about this for years and yet, people still think that they are immune to their password being compromised.  

What do I need to do to protect myself? 

Since the average person has an average of 100 unique logins for their varying accounts, it’s difficult to keep them all straight, so many people reuse their information. Using a password saving tool is a great way to keep your passwords unique and stored for you. It should go without saying that the password for your home network should be distinct and very difficult to guess. For a smart home and the internet of things, for every item that you connect, potentially, you make your network higher risk. 

Tips to set up your network for your smart devices 

Some experts suggest that you use a Wi-Fi extender which give you and “extra” network for devices with its own network name and password and keep all your Wi-Fi smart devices that use Wi-Fi on this exclusive network. In this way, you know which devices are connecting to which network. Additionally, set up and use a “Guest” network for your family and friends to use when they visit. This password should be unique as well.  

Taking adequate precautions with your network security is critical to help detract hackers. As security grows, so does the sophistication of those who try to beat the system. All we can do is to try and stay half a step ahead of those with malicious intent. 

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