A Hidden California Literacy Treasure

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Are we the only ones who are feeling overwhelmed at the current state of affairs? We all knew that 2020 was going to be an interesting year, what with the Presidential election and all, but this has taken the cake and we’re only about 25 percent done. Mercy! 

As we’re in the same boat as you are with closures, staying at home and educating our youngsters, here at Security Self Storage in Napa, CA, we wanted to share a few thoughts. After the first week with the kids home, I dusted off my old teacher hat and dove right in. I could do this, no sweat! After all, I’d taught for several years in the public schools before I worked here, so no biggie.  

Note to self – while I had taught before, I’d not done so with my own children formally or during a national crisis that meant that my pupils and I would be under significant stress and uncertainty. That changes the game greatly. Cabin fever began to sink in and, let’s just be clear – it wasn’t pretty! 

I had several projects in mind – ways to pass the time and complete my long list of to-dos that I never had time to finish. You did too, didn’t you? How’re are these projects coming along? We hit a brick wall and rather than leaving a person-shaped hole in it, we were the flat-as-a-pancake variety.  

After about four days, we all needed a mental health break. My smaller kids wanted TV and for a full day, I let them watch whatever they wanted from their shows, of course! I looked for a channel that I could put on their YouTube Kids that was not just loud, mindless prattle. In a flash of inspiration, I remembered that an acquaintance of mine had started a YouTube Channel, Story Time at Awnie’s House.” After looking at all she’s done – I was amazed! She’s a real California treasure and an answer for parents looking for child-friendly and educational YouTube content 

She reads classic and newer picture books in an engaging way and kids can easily relate. New videos are posted weekly (on Thursdays). You won’t go wrong subscribing to her channel!  

Check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbqmj1hzxuAXsjk08k-KP6w 

Please note that Security Self Storage in Napa is not affiliated with this channel, we are merely sharing it for your personal use. 

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