Scammers are Starting to Use COVID-19 Fear – Stay Safe!

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It really amazes me – although it shouldn’t, that as soon as a scammer finds an angle in an emergency, they jump on it. During the last week, I’ve compared notes with my colleagues at Security Self Storage Units in Napa and we’ve all received at least one scam email or text message linked to the COVID-19 crisis. 

Netflix chose you! 

There are many streaming services that are cutting prices or extending their trial periods for folks to have something to watch whilst they are homebound, but Netflix is not one of them. The scam communication goes something like this: 

Congratulations (name)!  

Netflix is giving away (blank) free subscriptions and you have been selected! Email us to confirm. (shortened URL with random letters) 

Plenty of red flags here with the shortened URL and email address not being from Netflix. If you receive communication like this, it is best to delete/block. If you aren’t sure about the legitimacy of any email or text, just do a Google search, something like, “Is Netflix giving away free subscriptions,” or even copy/paste the text into the search bar and see what comes up. 

You can skip to the front of the line to get your stimulus check first 

This one really annoys me. Scammers are targeting those who really need the check from the newly passed CARES Act. They ask for you to “verify” some information, usually your social security number, birthdate, bank account number, etc. With this information, you are pretty much giving them everything that they need to steal your identity and empty your accounts. Just don’t give this information to anyone. Let’s say that again – DON’T GIVE ANYONE YOUR INFORMATION!   

Spread the word 

These types of scams are common and are targeting the naïve, specifically the young adults and senior citizens. Please pass the word along to your friends and family, specifically in the targeted demographic. 

All your friends at Security Self Storage in Napa wish you the best of health! 

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